About the aladdin 3-speed

What can we say about our bike?, It’s really tough, the toughest we could make it! Bulletproof tyres (ok puncture resistant but with kevlar like a ballistic jacket) Marathon plus by Schwalbe, the toughest there is! (We say tough a lot here,  as other fancy words just don’t cut it!) 

3 gear internal sturmey archer system, providing unmatched durability. Brakes are also internal. Drum, so super smooth and a little reminder no changing of disc pads!  Drive system Bafang BBSHD in our opinion is the best there is it’s super tough and water resistant.

Frame by Pashley, with post office specifications! Imagine the load they would’ve had to carry! It has been stripped down, renewed, and powder coated by us! Super proud of being able to choose all these different components and putting them together to come up with what we think to be a tough durable E bike that won’t be one of your 1,000 problems!

reliability, strength, endurance